Drycleaning Tips

Six Home Stain Removal Tips:

BLEACHING: Bleaching is a last resort if the stain does not respond to either dry-side or wetside measures. Ordinary 3 percent hydrogen peroxide bleach, available at grocery and drug stores, is the easiest to use. But test the bleach first on an unexposed seam or a sample of the material. Pour some bleach on the […]

Protect Your Clothes While Soaking Up the Sun:

Sometimes even the most innocent-looking products can bring worry to your relaxation wardrobe. Ward off unnecessary stress with these quick tips. Tropical Threads Potential Problem: Major color changes can occur in Hawaiian-style shirts, turning khaki garments green, as shown above. Linen clothing may shrink, fade, or distort. Clothing Care: Don’t assume elegant tropical shirts must […]

We Care for Bedspreads & Comforters:

Bedding supplies typically last a long time. Comforters and bedspreads usually last five and six on average. A bedspread is an outer covering for a bed that goes over the sheets and blankets. It is usually a decorative component of the bed set. A comforter is a quilted bed cover. The cover consists of an […]

Caring for Winter Items:

The colder months are here and the seasonal summer stains are being put on ice and replaced with the stains and hassles of winter. As the temperature begins to drop, it is time to prepare yourself for some fall and winter festivities. Here are a few tips and considerations to think about when rolling with […]

2016 Xmas Closed Dates:

Happy holidays to you and your families and all the best in your New Year. Please note the extended closure dates: Friday, Dec 23rd — Closed, Saturday, Dec 24th — Closed, Monday, Dec 26th — Closed, Monday, Jan 2nd — Closed. Sorry for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy you holidays.  

Caring for Curtains & Drapes:

Despite the availability of hundreds of labor saving devices and packaged products that claim to virtually eliminate housework, until a “magic solution” is found, curtains will still have to be cleaned the old-fashioned way. Window treatments are an investment in time, money, and creativity, so protect your investment by purchasing the right kind of draperies […]

Behind the Scenes at Your Drycleaner:

When items arrive we wave our magic wand and they are ready-to-wear fresh in no time. End of story. Well, that’s how we hope it looks. Truth is, your wardrobe gets full-service treatment. Tagging and Stains In reality, after check-in, we tag your items so the cleaning team can keep track of them through the […]

Caring for Household Items:

Open the windows and let the sun shine in! But be careful where those rays go because they could fade some parts of your home envirHome-Morocco-beddingonmHome-Morocco-beddingent. Sometimes we forget about household items that blend into our homes so much they become a part of the scenery. These items collect dust and dirt and can become […]

Closed for Easter Monday:

Happy Easter Monday to everyone. We will be closed Monday, March 28th. Have a great day.

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